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grimoire mycelium
31 October 2011 @ 09:05 pm
haha oh wow i completely forgotten that i still have this LJ uh;;;;; am i suppose to update this still

as seeing that i have *almost* completely devoted my online endeavours at tumblr and twitter i don't think i will blog here anymore lmao ;; i mean haha whats there even for me to talk about lol

i think i will just keep this LJ for following purposes as i really have no idea what to do with this anymore eh huh;;;;;;
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grimoire mycelium
16 April 2011 @ 07:03 pm
I have been neglecting this blog so long its not even funny. Heh.

Semester 4 have been ok so far. There is only one software-based subject so I don't have to worry about torturing myself with my laptop that much. But it also means more journalism subject and more readings on foreign politics /grabs hair

There are alot of career talks that just cruelly reminded me that I only have 2 more semesters to go OTL And I haven't even decided whether to go to Australia for my final year. Ack. Chances are that I will just stay back in Malaysia and complete my course locally. I really don't want to move around again sob ;;; Not to mention that the fees and living cost in Aus is too expensive for my budget even if I were to plan to work part-time ;A; Eeeee choices choices choices. My mother prefers that I study and stay there but aaahhhhhheeeeeee I just don't want too aaahhhhhh
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grimoire mycelium
04 February 2011 @ 07:45 pm
 Reunion dinners are kind of amusing. Especially when it involves relatives I've either never seen for years or meeting them for the first time. But sometimes its also kind of... awkward haha. Yesterday I met with a young ABC nephew named David for the very first time and our conversation goes like that:

Me:" Hello, David. How are you?" 
Nephew *in American accent*:" No. Its 'DAE-vid." *walks away*

I just got told of by a 5 years old kid for not speaking his accent. Its sad. 

And then my mother started to give him angpau for the new year, and normally kids will say things like "thank you!"or "gong hei fatt choi!" , or at least grinned hugely because they have slightly more spending money. And LOL all this kid do is stare nonchalantly back at us and replied "I've got too much of THESE."before handing back the angpau back to us and walk away (again).

5 years old these days are cocky. =__________= 

Other than that, CNY dinners are fun. :D Lots of alcohol and food and antics of dangerously drunk relatives singing old songs. And doing silly things.

I love CNY. :> 
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grimoire mycelium
28 January 2011 @ 12:05 am
Whoooo. I'm half-alive.

Nothing much happened lately except for Unisa nearly failing my last semester just because they failed to received one of my assignments and they refuse to accept it after informing me to resubmit again. Why telling me to resubmit my paper if it isn't going to be accepted? : / And lol I've forgotten to bring my camera charger back from Suriamas and used up most of the battery life during CF a day before the trip, so I have to borrow my cousin's during the whole trip. orz Sibeh lao beh memory la can.

We arrived in Phuket on the 19th during noon, and the first meal we had there was.. *jeng* Pork rice. |D Afterwards, our tour guide bring us around the tourist shops and whatnot nearby the airport to kill time before dinner.

Not Dr Pornthip ok.
I rarely take pictures. My life is just that boring. 8D;;Collapse )
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grimoire mycelium
02 December 2010 @ 12:42 am
This is a rant post. Mostly.

My internet is bullying me again until it takes me ages to load any websites. Aaahhh Streamyx, how I love you so. Anyway, my pre-working holiday is unproductive as usual. Wake up > clean room > make kuih-kuih with aunt > online > rot > nap > wake up > eat > online > sleep. I might as well go be a panda already O3O

- I'm no longer going to Indonesia, because I will be going to Thailand instead. Lol we have been changing traveling plans so frequently from the date and location ever since one month ago orz. From Sararak to Brunei to Medan to Bali and now we're finally settled with Phuket. Ahaha. ;;; I will be sp

- And also I'm no longer working in Summit although I do like the job, but I don't have transportation because my mother need the car more than me and the local public transportation is obviously unreliable. So potong stim la can. So from working in the office I'm working in Taipan instead until I find a better (?) job. That kind of proves how much of a fussy idiot I am orz But the working hours I have is just too short ;__; BUT I just found a vacancy for a kindergarten nearby and I'm going to check it out tomorrow before working. If all goes well I will be changing jobs. Again. Young people these days ah. But I rather be teaching children than helping customers to find products that are obviously in front of them. Ah. And for longer hours instead of only 4 to 6 miserable hours per day wtf. Long holidays are just that cruel ;__;

Because I'm back in Subang with Streamyx and working, I won't be home much lol. Time for me to stay away from the computer and internet for a few months and err.. Get a life? So I will be on hiatus from the internet until all this end, I think. Yay. Or until I stop working. Which I don't want to because I hate rotting at home. =.=

Honestly la I should stop being so depressed ish ish ish. /slaps own face
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grimoire mycelium
22 November 2010 @ 07:21 pm

Among all the Adobe softwares we have to use this sem, Dreamweaver is the one that kills the most brain cells sob.

That aside, I'm done with third semester! Its such a relief to be away from slaving my own brain for awhile. But now that the holiday starts it feels kind of boring and stale not to have something to rush forward to, and its barely a week since my last deadline orz orz orz How do people kill time in a 4 month-long holiday? T__T

So its time to look for a job again! I've found an office job at my old tuition center but I'm unsure when to start, haha. My family is already planning not one, but two trips during the end of the year holidays and its going to be hard for me to get a break from working if I start now lol. I will be going back to my hometown in mid December to do the usual end-year stuffs- visiting relatives and help clearing the old house and stuffs. And my aunt is pestering us to visit to Indonesia for New Year/CNY next year, so I think my holiday will be very kancheong and busy already. -__-

I just watched Deathly Hallows with Svenni a couple of days ago, and its really worth the long wait! <3 Not only its more than 2 hours long, almost all the details of the 1st half of the book is included. Mwahahaha. I'm really glad they decided to go ahead with the 2 separate parts of the last book, even it means the wait for the very last movie is longer. >3< THAT CLIFFHANGER NGGGHHHH
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grimoire mycelium
15 October 2010 @ 09:32 pm
Walao... Its been so long since I can finally relax just for awhile. @__@

Yay. Everything is done. For now, at least. :D All this week of assignments and video editing is really hectic. : / While I'm glad we at least have something to work our minds and keep us busy, I'm contented to be relaxing just for now. XD After all this semester is going to end in one month's time. So fast laaaaar. I want to go back home aaahhhh T__T 30 days to go!

Can't wait for that day!Collapse )
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grimoire mycelium
29 September 2010 @ 09:01 pm
RFM, aku tak suka you. T__T

Late news is late... But still this is the best post-hari jadi surprise ever! :D:D:D:D:D:D:DDDDDD


Seeing Lin Dan's disappointed face beside a jubilee Chong Wei is so satisfying la can!
Maaf la China. Still very excited here \O/

Aiyo saty kerja after another once the Hari Raya break end. Where got syok la. ;;;

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grimoire mycelium
24 September 2010 @ 11:38 pm
I am tired.

Its about time for me to recuperate.
grimoire mycelium
05 September 2010 @ 12:09 pm

Subang's scallop porridge with yao zhar guai! So sedap! Bandar Sunway lacks Klang and Subang's awesomeness in cheap and good stalls. Even during Ramadhan. : /

4 assignments and presentations down in one week, many more to come! @.@

And its Hari Raya Aidilfiltri holiday now. \O/ Many Ramadhan pesta-pesta to go before Aidilfitri! (: 2 weeks of rotting and sleeping like a pig before 2nd wave again.

I can finally go back home! :D
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